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Energy Conservation Measures


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Renewable Energy Technologies is an "energy service company" and offers qualified customers the opportunity to enter into an Energy Performance Contract with us. We provide Automated Demand Response and Demand Side Management design and project development solutions. Our Automated Demand Response and Demand Side Management solutions may provide a return on investment in less than 12 months, depending on location, how energy is used, and the local electric and natural gas rates.  We provide turnkey energy management design and project development solutions that provide our customers with energy savings through increased efficiencies and decreased power and energy costs.  Our energy-saving technologies for our commercial, municipal, industrial and utility clients include; Absorption Chillers, Adsorption Chillers, Automated Demand Response, Cogeneration, Demand Response Programs, Demand Side Management, Energy Master Planning, Engine Driven Chillers, Trigeneration and Energy Conservation Measures.

We provide Biomethane and Methane Gas Recovery products and services which provide fuel for generating power as well as cogeneration and trigeneration systems. BioMethane is generated from Anaerobic Digesters, Anaerobic Lagoons, Biomass Gasification, Biogas Recovery, BioMethane, Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations, and Landfill Gas to Energy.

Renewable Energy Technologies provides the following power and energy project development services: 

  • Project Engineering Feasibility & Economic Analysis Studies  

  • Engineering, Procurement and Construction

  • Environmental Engineering & Permitting 

  • Project Funding & Financing Options; including Equity Investment, Debt Financing, Lease and Municipal Lease

  • Shared/Guaranteed Savings Program with No Capital Investment from Qualified Clients 

  • Project Commissioning 

  • 3rd Party Ownership and Project Development

  • Long-term Service Agreements

  • Operations & Maintenance 

  • Green Tag (Renewable Energy Credit, Carbon Dioxide Credits, Emission Reduction Credits) Brokerage Services; Application and Permitting

We are Renewable Energy Technologies specialists and develop clean power and energy projects that will generate a "Renewable Energy Credit," Carbon Dioxide Credits  and Emission Reduction Credits.  Some of our products and services solutions and technologies include; Absorption Chillers, Adsorption Chillers, Automated Demand Response, Biodiesel Refineries, Biofuel Refineries, Biomass Gasification, BioMethane, Canola Biodiesel, Coconut Biodiesel, Cogeneration, Concentrating Solar Power, Demand Response Programs, Demand Side Management, Energy Conservation Measures, Energy Master Planning, Engine Driven Chillers, Solar CHP, Solar Cogeneration, Rapeseed Biodiesel, Solar Electric Heat Pumps, Solar Electric Power Systems, Solar Heating and Cooling, Solar Trigeneration, Soy Biodiesel, and Trigeneration.

Unlike most companies, we are equipment supplier/vendor neutral. This means we help our clients select the best equipment for their specific application. This approach provides our customers with superior performance, decreased operating expenses and increased return on investment. 

For more information: call us at: 832-758-0027

Energy Conservation Measures

Below is a list of Energy Conservation Measures (ECM's) and the related products and services our company provides:  

  • Cogeneration, Trigeneration and Quadgeneration Energy and Power Plants (reciprocating engines, gas turbines, steam turbines and fuel cells).  

  • Turbine Inlet Air Cooling Systems  

  • Building Automation Systems  

  • Energy Management Systems 

  • Hybrid Chiller Plants 

  • District Energy Systems 

  • Peak-shaving

  • Real Time Metering and Sub Metering for establishing load profiles or confirmation of existing utility company's accuracy in their utility billing and meters 

  • High efficiency chillers (absorption chillers, electric centrifugal, engine driven chillers, high pressure steam absorption)  

  • Desiccant Cooling Systems 

  • Thermal Energy Storage 

  • Geothermal & Solar Energy Systems  

  • High efficiency (natural gas) boilers, domestic water heaters and instantaneous/tankless water heaters  

  • Waste Heat/Energy Recovery Systems (air, steam, etc.)  

  • Ground Source Heat Pumps  

  • In-Floor Radiant Seating Systems 

  • Infrared Radiant Heating Systems  

  • Testing & Balancing of Air and Water Systems  

  • High-efficiency Blower Motors and Pumps 

  • Variable Frequency Drives 

  • Piping redesign (steam, water and glycol piping) 

  • Lighting Upgrades and Retrofits 

    Each client has their own ROI, IRR or simple payback requirements.  Therefore, the Energy Conservation Measures selected by our clients must achieve their own specific financial requirements as well as their other related goals (ex. becoming a cleaner, environmentally-friendly company). Typically, our customers have us implement one of the following:

  • 1.  Energy Conservation Projects not requiring major capital improvements such as lighting retrofits, energy management systems, demand side management, and peak-shaving strategies resulting in a Simple Payback/ROI (with or without applicable rebates) of less than three (3) years. 

  • 2.  Energy Conservation Projects requiring major capital improvements. For example - cogeneration or trigeneration energy/power plants,  chiller and/or boiler plant replacements; thermal energy storage, etc.) and if the selected ECM implementation yields a Simple Payback/ROI (with or without applicable rebates) of more than three (3) years. 

If you would like more information on how your company can benefit from Energy Conservation Measures, call us today at: 832 - 758 - 0027    

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