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Power Purchase Agreements



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By Monty Goodell, M.B.A.
President & CEO
Cogeneration Technologies

Our company provides assistance and leadership in the areas of Power Purchase Agreements ("PPA") and Energy Service Agreements ("ESA"). We are specialists in Renewable Energy Technologies and their corresponding PPA's. 

The right Power Purchase Agreement or Energy Service Agreement can save your company hundreds of thousands, and possibly millions of dollars.  Simultaneously, having the wrong or poorly drafted PPA or ESA can cost your company thousands or millions of dollars.  You wouldn't consult a brain surgeon to treat your child's broken bone!  Selecting the wrong attorneys, law firm or team to promulgate or re-negotiate your Power Purchase Agreement can leave you "powerless" and penniless - and still requiring the skills and expertise of competent and qualified professionals to resolve the situation.     

Because a Power Purchase Agreement or Energy Service Agreement is at the "heart" and underlying foundation of our projects, we can help your business with the selection and oversight of PPA's and ESA's. Our company is a turnkey developer and owner of cogeneration and trigeneration power plants in the U.S., Canada and Mexico. Our projects range in size from as small as 1-2 megawatts to well over 100 megawatts. By the term "turnkey," this means we take the lead in the project development process which may include;

          * Engineering (including engineering & economic feasibility studies, project
             design, air quality and site permitting requirements, etc.)
          * Procurement 
          * Construction and Project Management
          * Project Commissioning
          * Project Funding/Financing
          * Power Purchase Agreements
          * Long-Term Service Agreements

In conjunction with our strategic partners, we are able to receive bonding for projects exceeding $100 million in value. Through our investors, we are able to secure funding for power projects that exceed 100 MW.  

More about Power Purchase Agreements

A Power Purchase Agreement is also "behind" almost every power plant.  A PPA is a contract involving the generation and sales of electricity - which is normally developed between the owner of a power plant generating the electricity, and the buyer of the electricity. PPA's can be quite lengthy agreements that may exceed 100 pages in length and take several months to even years to finalize.  

The basic information contained in a Power Purchase Agreement include the following items:

          * Definitions
          * Purchase and Sale of Contracted Capacity and Energy (such as steam, hot
             water and/or chilled water in the case of cogeneration and trigeneration
          * Operation of the Power Plant
          * Financing of the Power Plant
          * Guarantees of Performance
          * Penalties
          * Payments
          * Force Majeure
          * Default and Early Termination
          * Miscellaneous
          * T&C's

For more information about Power Purchase Agreements and Energy Service Agreements, call or e-mail us today. Tel. 832-758-0027  

email:  info  @  cogeneration  .net  

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