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Through our strategic partners and suppliers, we offer the "best software" for Demand Side Management, Automated Demand Response, Demand Response Programs, energy management systems, building automation systems, and cogeneration and trigeneration power plants.

Our turnkey project development services save commercial and industrial customers energy, thereby lowering energy expenses through greater efficiency. We also offer energy-saving technologies that may include; Absorption Chillers, Adsorption Chillers, Automated Demand Response, Cogeneration, Demand Response Programs, Demand Side Management, Energy Master Planning, Engine Driven Chillers, Trigeneration and Energy Conservation Measures.  

Our company provides turn-key project solutions that include all or part of the following: 

  • Engineering and Economic Feasibility Studies 

  • Project Design, Engineering & Permitting

  • Project Construction

  • Project Funding & Financing Options

  • Shared/Guaranteed Savings program with no capital requirements. 

  • Project Commissioning 

  • Operations & Maintenance 

For more information: call us at: 832-758-0027

For more information on Broadband Over Powerlines,  call us at: 832-758-0027


* Some of the above information from the Department of Energy website with permission.


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