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Energy Service Agreements

By Monty Goodell, M.B.A.
President & CEO
Cogeneration Technologies

Our company provides assistance and leadership in the areas of Power Purchase Agreements ("PPA") and Energy Service Agreements ("ESA").  The right Power Purchase Agreement or Energy Service Agreement can save your company hundreds of thousands, and possibly millions of dollars.  Simultaneously, having the wrong or poorly drafted PPA or ESA can cost your company thousands or millions of dollars.  You wouldn't consult a brain surgeon to treat your child's broken bone!  Selecting the wrong attorneys, law firm or team to promulgate or re-negotiate your Power Purchase Agreement can leave you "powerless" and penniless - and still requiring the skills and expertise of competent and qualified professionals to resolve the situation.     

Because a Power Purchase Agreement or Energy Service Agreement is at the "heart" and underlying foundation of our projects, we can help your business with the selection and oversight of PPA's and ESA's. Our company is a turnkey developer and owner of cogeneration and trigeneration power plants in the U.S., Canada and Mexico. Our projects range in size from as small as 1-2 megawatts to well over 100 megawatts. By the term "turnkey," this means we take the lead in the project development process which may include;

          * Engineering (including engineering & economic feasibility studies, project
             design, air quality and site permitting requirements, etc.)
          * Procurement 
          * Construction and Project Management
          * Project Commissioning
          * Project Funding/Financing
          * Power Purchase Agreements
          * Long-Term Service Agreements

In conjunction with our strategic partners, we are able to receive bonding for projects exceeding $100 million in value. Through our investors, we are able to secure funding for power projects that exceed 100 MW.  

More about Power Purchase Agreements

A Power Purchase Agreement is also "behind" almost every power plant.  A PPA is a contract involving the generation and sales of electricity - which is normally developed between the owner of a power plant generating the electricity, and the buyer of the electricity. PPA's can be quite lengthy agreements that may exceed 100 pages in length and take several months to even years to finalize.  

The basic information contained in a Power Purchase Agreement and Energy Services Agreements include the following items:

          * Definitions
          * Purchase and Sale of Contracted Capacity and Energy (such as steam, hot
             water and/or chilled water in the case of cogeneration and trigeneration
          * Operation of the Power Plant
          * Financing of the Power Pplant
          * Guarantees of Performance
          * Penalties
          * Payments
          * Force Majeure
          * Default and Early Termination
          * Miscellaneous
          * T&C's

For more information about Power Purchase Agreements and Energy Service Agreements, call or e-mail us today. Tel. 832-758-0027


We are now offering a no-cost Demand Side Management audit for new commercial or industrial customers that can answer yes to the following four questions:

1.  Does your commercial or industrial facility use more than $100,000.00 of electricity and/or natural gas per month?

2.  Has your facility experienced increased energy expenses?

3.  Is your facility at least 5 years old and the facility has not completed any energy improvements in the past 5 years?

4.  Would you be willing to install our recommended energy improvements that we find from the Demand Side Management audit - wherein we would guarantee that the savings of the improvements would pay for them?

If you answered yes to the above 4 questions, and your facility's energy expenses are over $100,000.00/month, call us today at:  (832) 758 - 0027 to schedule your Demand Side Management audit!

Our renewable energy projects generate Renewable Energy Credit or Certified Emission Reduction credits, which provide an additional income stream from our projects.  

Our renewable energy projects generate clean power and energy through our "Carbon Free Energy" and "Pollution Free Power" technologies.  These technologies include power and energy produced from: Anaerobic Digesters, B100 BiodieselBiomass / Biomass Gasification, Biomethane, GeothermalHydrogenSolar and Wind.

"The Trigeneration Experts" - the ONLY Company that Builds Integrated CogenerationTrigeneration Plants on a Single Skid with Effective System Efficiencies that Exceed 90%




Our Optional SCR System Reduces 
Nitrogen Oxides To "Non-Detect"
Without Ammonia or Urea


Our small footprint Cogeneration and Trigeneration Plants measurements are 
15' wide by 15' in height by and 55' in length

We Can Design, Build, and Install Your Next Cogeneration or Trigeneration Power Plant and have it online in less than 130 days!


Our "Turnkey" Integrated Cogeneration & Trigeneration Energy Systems are Available from 60 kW to over 10 MW with system efficiencies > 90% While Providing Practically-free Heating (and Cooling with Trigeneration) and generating power for commercial and industrial customers for as low as 4 cents/kW!  We are the only company that builds, fabricates, packages (on a single skid) and "integrates" Cogeneration and Trigeneration power plants.

Standard Cogeneration and Trigeneration Power Plants sizes in kW:

     60 kW                200 kW                   450 kW                   750 kW          
     75 kW                250 kW                   500 kW                   800 kW
   100 kW               300 kW                    600 kW                   850 kW
   150 kW               400 kW                    700 kW                   900 kW

Standard Cogeneration and Trigeneration Power Plants sizes in MW:

           1 MW          2 MW          3 MW          4 MW          5 MW

We can package any combination of standard size plants to come up with your optimum size system. Our standard and customized Cogeneration and Trigeneration power plants use the leading brands of reciprocating engines or turbines and include our proprietary Waste Heat Recovery technologies that help us achieve system efficiencies greater than 90% and effective heat rates as low as 4050 btu's/kW.  We provide both standard and customized Cogeneration and Trigeneration plants that meet our customer's most stringent economic and environmental requirements.

Our Cogeneration and  Trigeneration Power Plants can run on renewable fuels for even greater environmental and economic savings! These fuels or energy sources include: Biomethane, B100 Biodiesel, Dimethyl-Ether and natural gas fuels as well as Solar energy in our Solar Trigeneration power plants.  Efficiencies of our Cogeneration and Trigeneration power plants are now exceeding 90% with up to 95% lower emissions when using Biomethane and B100 Biodiesel fuel.

For pricing and delivery information on our Cogeneration or Trigeneration power plants, call (832) 758 - 0027 or send an email with your project's requirements to:  info @ cogeneration .net

Our New "Integrated" Cogeneration and Trigeneration Plants have Very High Efficiencies & Low Fuel Costs.
The Effective Heat Rate is Approximately
4050 btu/kW & System Efficiency is 92%

Pictures of the Newest 900 kW Cogeneration Plant Presently Being Built for New Customer Features (2) Guascor Natural Gas Engines 
@ 450 kW each on one Skid for a Total of 900 kW



Our onsite trigeneration power and energy system can be an ideal solution for customers wanting increased power reliability and decreased energy and environmental costs.  A few of the types of buildings and businesses that would benefit from an onsite trigeneration plant include the following:



Colleges & Universities


Data Centers & Server Farms 

Food Processing Plants

Golf/Country Clubs

Government Buildings and Facilities 



Manufacturing Plants

Nursing Homes 

Office Buildings 

Radio Stations

Refrigerated Warehouses 




Shopping centers 


Television Stations


For pricing and delivery information on our Cogeneration or Trigeneration power plants, call (832) 758 - 0027 or send an email with your goals, objectives and requirements to:  
info @ cogeneration .net

Our Centrifugal Chiller HVAC Plant Will
Lower your Heating and Air-Conditioning Costs By At Least 50% to as much as 75%
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