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1. American Council for an Energy Efficient Economy:

Cogen Europe:


Cogeneration Association of New Zealand:

5. Combined Heat and Power Association:
6. Distributed Power Coalition of America:
8. Guidebook on Cogeneration Technology as a Means of Pollution Control and Increase in Energy Efficiency in Industrial and Commercial Sectors in Asia:


Energy, Power & Cogeneration Links

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9. International Cogeneration Alliance:
10. International District Energy Association:
11. My Energy Friends

Alternative Energy & Renewable Energy Discussion. Wind Power, Solar Power, BioDiesel, Hybrid, Electric Car, Hydrogen Fuel, Geothermal, BioFuel, BioMass, Do It Yourself, Blogs, Forums, Events, News, and more
12. The Texas Energy Coordination Council
14. United States Department of Energy:

Cogeneration/CHP Initiative:

Distributed Power:

15. Renewable & Sustainable Energy


16. Listing of colleges and universities with cogeneration or trigeneration power plants: