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Synthetic Gas

We provide "turnkey" Synthetic Gas (also known as Synthesis Gas) Anaerobic Digester, Biomethane, and Biomass Gasification solutions which produces clean, renewable "BioMethane" which in turn, generates a "Renewable Energy Credit."  We also provide Biomass Gasifiers and Methane Gas Recovery products and services which provide fuel for generating renewable energy and power as well as fuel for our cogeneration and trigeneration plants.

BioMethane is generated from Anaerobic Digesters, Anaerobic Lagoons, Biomass Gasification, Biomass Gasifiers, Biogas Recovery, BioMethane, Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations Landfill Gas to Energy, and Methane Gas Recovery.  Unlike most companies, we are equipment supplier/vendor neutral. This means we help our clients select the best equipment for their specific application. This approach provides our customers with superior performance, decreased operating expenses and increased return on investment. 

We provide Cooler, Cleaner, Greener Power & Energy Solutions project development services that are Kyoto Protocol compliant and generate clean energy and significantly reduce carbon dioxide emissions. Unlike most companies, we are equipment supplier/vendor neutral. This means we help our clients select the best equipment for their specific application. This approach provides our customers with superior performance, decreased operating expenses and increased return on investment. 

Renewable Energy Technologies provides project development services that generate clean energy and significantly reduce greenhouse gas emissions and carbon dioxide emissions. Included in this are our turnkey "ecogeneration" products and services which includes renewable energy technologies, waste to energy, waste to watts and waste heat recovery solutions.  Other project development technologies include; Anaerobic Digester, Anaerobic Lagoon, Biogas Recovery, BioMethane, Biomass Gasification, and Landfill Gas To Energy, project development services. Additional products and services provided by Renewable Energy Technologies includes the following power and energy project development services: 

  • Project Engineering Feasibility & Economic Analysis Studies  

  • Engineering, Procurement and Construction

  • Environmental Engineering & Permitting 

  • Project Funding & Financing Options; including Equity Investment, Debt Financing, Lease and Municipal Lease

  • Shared/Guaranteed Savings Program with No Capital Investment from Qualified Clients 

  • Project Commissioning 

  • 3rd Party Ownership and Project Development

  • Long-term Service Agreements

  • Operations & Maintenance 

  • Green Tag (Renewable Energy Credit, Carbon Dioxide Credits, Emission Reduction Credits) Brokerage Services; Application and Permitting

We are Renewable Energy Technologies specialists and develop clean power and energy projects that will generate a "Renewable Energy Credit," Carbon Dioxide Credits  and Emission Reduction Credits.  Some of our products and services solutions and technologies include; Absorption Chillers, Adsorption Chillers, Automated Demand Response, Biodiesel Refineries, Biofuel Refineries, Biomass Gasification, BioMethane, Canola Biodiesel, Coconut Biodiesel, Cogeneration, Concentrating Solar Power, Demand Response Programs, Demand Side Management, Energy Conservation Measures, Energy Master Planning, Engine Driven Chillers, Geothermal Heatpumps, Groundsource Heatpumps, Solar CHP, Solar Cogeneration, Rapeseed Biodiesel, Solar Electric Heat Pumps, Solar Electric Power Systems, Solar Heating and Cooling, Solar Trigeneration, Soy Biodiesel, Synthesis Gas, Synthetic Gas, Trigeneration, and Watersource Heatpumps.

What is Synthetic Gas?

Synthetic gas, synthesis gas, or syngas, are the names given to gas of different (yet closely similar) to composition that are generated in coal gasification, coal liquefaction, gas liquefaction - also known as natural gas to liquids plants and other types of waste-to-energy facilities. 

What is Natural Gas to Liquids?

Natural Gas to Liquids is also referred to as "Natural Gas Liquefaction," which is the process in which natural gas is converted from the gaseous to the liquid phase. At the end of the Natural Gas Liquefaction process, the product is referred to as Liquefied Natural Gas" or "LNG."

More about Natural Gas To Liquids or "Gas Liquefaction"

A first-of-its-kind, natural gas-to-liquids or "gas liquefaction" facility was built in the U.S. that produces high-performance, sulfur-free fuel. The gas liquefaction plant produces approximately 70 bbls of ultra clean fuel per day from natural gas. 

Gas Liquefaction Plant

A natural gas to liquids, or "gas liquefaction" ultra clean fuels facility in the U.S.

New technologies in the "natural gas to liquids" industry decreases expenses through increased efficiencies and converts natural gas to ultra clean fuel. These facilities typically consist of three primary components: an autothermal reformer that converts the natural gas into synthesis gas, a mixture of carbon monoxide and hydrogen; a Fischer-Tropsch unit that produces synthetic crude oil from the synthetic gas; and a refining unit that upgrades the synthetic crude to ultra clean fuels. These fuels, which can then be transported through existing pipelines, are now being tested in bus fleets operated by the Washington, DC, Metropolitan Area Transit Authority and the National Park Service in Denali, Alaska.

Many more of these facilities are being planned. 

For more information on natural gas liquefaction call us at: 832-758-0027

* Some of the above information from the Department of Energy website with permission.


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